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WUKO&AD News Abstract

marzo 28, 20127 years ago

Convention between W.U.K.O. with FESIK and S.K.D.U.N.

An important convention between W.U.K.O. (World United Karate Organization) with FESIK and S.K.D.U.N. (Shotokan Karate Do of United Nations) has been signed to enable the participation to some competitions of the two organisations for 2012. The agreement permits senior athletes FESIK/W.U.K.O. to participate to the S.K.D.U.N. European Championship on the 21st and 22nd April and to the Word Championship in Milan (Bollate) on the 13th and 14th October. S.K.D.U.N. National teams and athletes will participate to the Carlo Henke W.U.K.O. Cup (Rome) and to the W.U.K.O. European Championship (England).

febbraio 14, 20127 years ago

Robert Clark died

He is 9th dan of Ju Jitsu. Charismatic and technical chief of the WJJF. He was born in Liverpool on 2nd February 1946 and he started martial training when he was 6 years old. His master was Jack Britton.

We owe him the real development of ju jitsu all around the world and the promotion of ancient schools through modern methods.

In 1976 he founded the WJJF (World Ju Jitsu Federation) that then became WJJKO (World Ju Jitsu Kobudo Organization) with Gsb.

He was the International Technical Director of WJJKO, organization created for gathering together all ju jitsu styles.

gennaio 25, 20127 years ago

Welcome Master Ronnie Colwell

With great pleasure the WUKO President and the Directing Comittee announces that Master Ronnie Colwell joined the Honorary Committee of WUKO

settembre 1, 20117 years ago

Grand Master Toyama WELCOME

Personally, as President and on behalf of the whole Directing Committee, I express my deepest gratitude and satisfaction for the entry of Master Yutaka Toyama in the Wuko Honour Committee and I give him a big symbolic hug by all our members. The honour of having him among us makes us proud and pushes us to go on the path of Karate-do, undertaken with great technical quality and without compromises. The acceptance by Master Toyama, perhaps the greatest master of Wado Ryu in the world, confirms his choice of all Wuko, beyond political fights, in the only possible way, the way of the research of the intrinsic values in the beautiful martial art of Karate, in balance with the contexts and the times we live every day. Grand Master Toyama Welcome


Benvenuto Grand Master Toyama

A titolo personale in qualità di Presidente ed a nome di tutto il Consiglio Direttivo esprimo il mio più vivo compiacimento per l’ingresso del M.° Yutaka Toyama nel Comitato d’onore della WUKO e gli porgo in modo simbolico il grande abbraccio di tutti i nostri iscritti. L’onore di averlo tra noi ci rende orgogliosi e ci spinge a continuare sulla via del Karate-do intrapresa con grande qualità tecnica e senza compromessi. L’accettazione da parte del m.° Toyama, forse il più grande maestro Wado Ryu al mondo, conferma la scelta a tutto campo della WUKO , al di sopra delle lotte politiche, nell’unica direzione possibile e cioè quella della ricerca dei valori intrinsechi nella splendida arte marziale del Karate: ricerca coniugata con equilibrio con i contesti ed i tempi che viviamo ogni giorno. Benvenuto Grand Master Toyama!


agosto 23, 20117 years ago

CALENDAR the new Wuko Competitions

CALENDAR the new Wuko Competitions more

luglio 29, 20117 years ago

W.u.k.o. WorldCup 4th World Ch. - Result


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luglio 16, 20117 years ago

Master Tatsuo Suzuki died

WUKO in mourning: Master Tatsuo Suzuki died.

Serious bereavement for the international movement of karate and for WUKO.

Tuesday, July 12 , Master Tatsuo Suzuki died at the age of 83 years.

He was a direct student of Sensei Hironori Ohtsuka, the founder of Wado Ryu karate. Suzuki Sensei was one of the latest big personages of karate , a great man and a very important techinician.

The Management of WUKO holds its condolences to the family of the great master,to his students all around the world,to all practisings of karate.

aprile 27, 20118 years ago

World Chairman Communication

Dear sportsmen it’s been a few days since the death of our beloved President and I think the time has come for placing in our hearts the pain that his loss has produced, in order to face, in the loving memory of Carlo Henke Read more
aprile 27, 20118 years ago

1st Memorial Carlo Henke

Dear friends, in consequence of the death of our President Mr. Carlo Henke, the Wuko, represented by its Chairman Mr. Luigi Aschedamini, has decided to cancel the European Championship for the categories Seniors and Veterans Read more
aprile 27, 20118 years ago

W.u.k.o. Kata List

You can find here the new Wuko kata list with the Budokan style and the addition of Annanko in the Shito Ryu style. Read more