Convention between W.U.K.O. with FESIK and S.K.D.U.N.

An important convention between W.U.K.O. (World United Karate Organization) with FESIK and S.K.D.U.N. (Shotokan Karate Do of United Nations) has been signed to enable the participation to some competitions of the two organisations for 2012. The agreement permits senior athletes FESIK/W.U.K.O. to participate to the S.K.D.U.N. European Championship on the 21st and 22nd April and to the Word Championship in Milan (Bollate) on the 13th and 14th October. S.K.D.U.N. National teams and athletes will participate to the Carlo Henke W.U.K.O. Cup (Rome) and to the W.U.K.O. European Championship (England).

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