World Chairman Communication

Dear sportsmen,

it’s been a few days since the death of our beloved President and I think the time has come for placing in our hearts the pain that his loss has produced, in order to face, in the loving memory of Carlo Henke and following the guidelines he draw, the future of WUKO.
The international federation in which we believe and to which we have devoted much energy at this time needs unity of purpose and, above all, a strong union between its members.
Its way continues more transparent than ever and in progressive reinforcement, thanks to the ability/skills and the loyalty of its members.
As World Chairman I considered a due procedure, as a sign of mourning, canceling the European
championships scheduled on the 13 and 14 November 2010 and, as a replacement, planning the first Carlo Henke Memorial in order to honor the name of a great President who represented the history of Italian and World’s Karate.
The competition will take place in Imperia (GE) on the 12-13-14 of November 2010 and will be open to all the categories and to all the organizations.
On this occasion the Directing Comitee and the WUKO Congress will be held in order to decide and ratify the plans and the activities for the next four years.
I rely on the large presence of athletes and masters to celebrate a man who contributed to spread and organize world-wide our beloved martial art.

Hotels in Imperia (Italy)

Program 2nd Wuko Word Cup 2010

Wuko categories 2nd World Cup

WUKO Entry form Athletes 2nd World Cup

Wuko Entry Form Clubs 2nd World Cup


Dear sportsmen,

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