W.u.k.o. In Mourning For Carlo Henke

W.u.k.o. In Mourning For Carlo Henke
We communicate you with deep sadness and sorrow that Shihan Carlo Henke, 8th Dan,
President of W.u.k.o. and Fesik, passed away this morning 13th september at the age of 73
because of an incurable disease.
We all express the condolences to his son Sean, his daughter Denise and his wife Rita
It is a great loss for the whole karate world.
The funeral will take place in Cannobio’s church the 15th September at 15.00

We report here below his karate curriculum:
1966 beginning of Karate
1969 Black Belt 1st Dan
1969 Karate Trainer
1971 Black Belt 2nd Dan
1971 Karate Master
1971 National Referee
1972 International Referee
1973 Member of European Referee Committee (UEK/EKU)
1975 Black Belt 3rd Dan
1978 Black Belt 4th Dan
1982 Black Belt 5th Dan
1982 President of Italian Technical Committee (FIKDA)
1987 Black Belt 6th Dan
1991 President of Sports Sector (FIKTA)
1993 Black Belt 7th Dan
1993 Founder Member & President of FESIK
1996 Founder Member & Vice-President of WKC
2000 Black Belt 8th Dan
2001 Chairman of WKC
2005 Founder Member & Chairman W.U.K.O.
2008 President of W.U.K.O.

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