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1st Wuko World Cup For Clubs: Nice, France, 9th – 11th April 2010

The Competition

82 Clubs coming from France, Italy, Scotland, Russia, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and Reunion with an entry of 812 athletes, took part to the 1st Wuko World Cup for Clubs held in Nice, France, from the 9th to the 11th April 2010: the categories Children, Juniors, Cadets, Seniors and Masters were represented.

A short Referee Information Stage held by the Wuko Referees’ Officer Pierre Perez preceded the competition: 38 among referees and judges attended the stage and worked non-stop from 9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. respecting the scheduled time.

The technical level was high, with France dominating in the kumite and Italy in the kata: the only exception was the Russian team of M° Boris Skripachev, which presented a lot of strong athletes in both specialties. Fortunately there were no significant accidents, the organization of the event, looked after by the 1st Vice President Wuko Didier Chiarla, was perfect. These are the results obtained by the different Clubs:

Wuko World Cup: 1- ASBTP Nice (France), 2- Jitakyoei Cesano (Italy), 3- Gym Center Rome (Italy), 4- Dojo Kaisho Castelnuovo (Italy);

Wuko European Children Cup: 1- CSKS Liguria (Italy), ASBTP Nice (France), Nishikawa Dojo Moscow (Russia), Nenryu Verbania (Italy).

You can find the individual results on the Wuko web-site, in the next days you can also view the photos of the event.

Directing Committee Meeting

A Wuko Directing Committee Meeting took place in Nice. President Carlo Henke, Vice Presidents Didier Chiarla and Luigi Aschedamini, Treasurer Evro Margarita attended the meeting. These are the main decisions taken:

• Wuko European Referee Commission 2010 was appointed with Pierre Perez (France) as President, Ugo Botti (Italy) as member and Roy Fox (England) as secretary. On the occasion of the Children, Cadets and Juniors World Championship scheduled for the 22nd-25th July in Buenos Aires, Argentina, another meeting will take place. In this meeting the Wuko World Referee Commission will be completed with the appointment of one representative for Africa, one for Asia, one for North and one for South America, in order to have Wuko members in every continent.
• Wuko Technical Commission: the Wuko-DC elected master Ronnie Colwell, 9th dan, as “Supervisor of the Wuko World Technical Commission” to be appointed in Buenos Aires next July. Congratulations to our friend Ronnie and good job!
• Wuko Treasurer: Mr. Evro Margarita, 5th dan Karate, Director of the Bank Popolare of Vicenza, Chiavari Agency, was appointed as Wuko Treasurer. Congratulations and good job!
• Wuko World Cup of Clubs: it’s an Open World Championship, organized by the Wuko-affiliated nations and open to every world organization.

The Wuko members interested in the organization of this event are asked to apply for it by the Wuko Secretariat. The event will take place every year, national teams won’t take part to it but it will be open even to Clubs not joining the Wuko. The categories admitted are: Children, Cadets, Juniors, Seniors and Masters (Veterans), Men and Women, Individuals and Teams. The Wuko will give managerial and technical assistance, including the competition computer program, judges and the competition director. The logistic organization has to be looked after by the organizing city. The costs will be shared, together with the incomes of the entry fees, fifty-fifty between the organizing city and the Wuko. Applications have to reach the Wuko Secretariat within the end of June 2010 in order to plan the list of future events.

Competitions calendar:

2010: for the European Cadets, Juniors, Seniors and Masters (Veterans) Championship, two applications, one from Spain and one from Italy, reached us. In a few days we will let you know the location chosen.
2011: for the Intercontinental Asia Championship, Mr. Selvaraj Kothandan, Chairman Asia, asked what follows:
Name of the Championship: “2nd Intercontinental Asia WUKO Karate Championships WELLFARE CUP - 2011”. Date & Venue: 10.02.2011 to 13.02.2011, Vishakhapatnam, India. WUKO Asia Chairman Shihan S. Kothandan should take charge correspondence & and all other WUKO matters.
His application has been accepted and the event is officially confirmed. The Organizing Committee will follow the same procedures followed in the "1st Intercontinental Asia WUKO Karate Championships WELLFARE CUP - 2008”.
2011: World Cadets, Juniors, Seniors, Masters (Veterans) Championship: we received the application of France, for Cannes or Marseille: later on we will let you know the exact date.
2012: World Children Championship: we received the application of Spain, for Valencia or Mallorca.
Best regards!


20th December 2009

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