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Sei Iwasa

He was born in Nagasaki (Japan) on 11-05-1955 In 1967 he started practicing shito-ryu karate-do (Kenshukai) in Kobe under Sensei Sagawa (Sensei Ogasahara’s pupil). In 1970 he started training for competitions under Sensei Nakahashi and a course to become an instructor under Sensei Ogasahara. In 1979 he attended a seminar organized by the Japanese Federation to become an instructor and he met Sensei Kennei Mabuni for the first time. In 1981 he took part in Pasqua del Budo in Milano with Sensei Ogasahara and Sensei Nakahashi, and visited various Italian cities such as: Turin, Venice, Padua, Genoa and Campobasso. He then moved to Corsica as Sensei Nakahashi’s assistant where he remained until 1989. In 1982 he arrived in Milan, Italy, and he started teaching Shito-ryu at the Musokan Dojo. In the same year he met Sensei Ishimi. In 1983 he started teaching at Doyukai in Chiasso (Switzerland). In 1985 he started giving seminars in various Italian and European cities such as Paris, Bruxelles, Monte Carlo, Berlin. In 1991 he founded the cultural association Seikenshudokai of which he became Director of Technics. In 1993 he moved to Pedavena (Belluno) and he started teaching in Feltre and in Fiera di Primiero. He founded Shitokai Dolomiti a.s.d. In 1999 he met Sensei Carlo Henke with whom he started an intense collaboration. In 2000 he enrolled in the Federazione Sportiva Italiana di Karate (FESIK), was given responsibility for technics and became the national trainer of Shito-ryu. In 2007 he was put in charge of WUKO Shito-ryu. In 2010 he acquired the 8th Dan. In 2011, when Sensei Ogasahara died, he proposed founding the organization Ogasahara Shito-ryu Karatedo Kenshukai in his name, in collaboration with the Japanese directors. He then became director of technics of the association. In 2012 he changed the name of the Shitokai Dolomiti a.s.d. into Kenshukai Dolomiti a.s.d. In 2014 he was nominated President of the W.U.K.O (World United Karate Organization). He currently collaborates with Masters to spread Shito-ryu around Europe.